Chemical Bond

Chemically bonded nonwoven fabrics are manufactured by formulating special chemical binders to join polyester and rayon fibers into a durable fabric designed to meet stringent requirements in a variety of industries and applications. 

FDI works with customers to meet specific functions they need from a quality nonwoven product, including, but not limited to:

  • Absorbency
  • Elasticity
  • Fabric resilience
  • Filtering
  • Fire retardancy
  • Cushioning

Chembond Nonwovens for the Automotive Industry and the RV Industry

FDI engineers nonwoven products to meet the rigorous standards of the automobile and transportation industry.   You can turn to FDI for exceptional product quality, which has been tested and developed specifically for the automotive industry.

Automotive products can be treated to meet fire retardant specification MVSS302SE while meeting water resistance and fuel resistance requirements. 

Automotive nonwovens are often used as:

  • facings for hood insulator pads
  • drive shaft liners
  • molded interior parts
  • speaker covers
  • headliners
  • trunk liners 

Customization can include a variety of adhesive backings and a mold release finish to ensure easy release from the mold cavity. 

Fiber Dynamics also engineers custom lightweight, uniform and economical chembond nonwovens for the demanding requirements of RV and motorhome industry. 

Chemically Bonded Nonwovens for Filtration

Nonwoven filtration products can improve filtration efficiencies while offering longer product life cycles, reduced waste, and, ultimately, reduced costs for manufacturers. 

Fiber Dynamics is committed to quality filtration products for the liquid and air filtration industries.  Chembond products are offered for pleated HVAC filtration structures, ink mist collection, paper dust, and containments media.

Chembond Nonwoven Fabrics for Home Furnishings

Nonwoven products are everywhere you look, both in your home and beyond. Fiber Dynamics nonwoven products are a durable answer to everything from carpet backing to vertical blinds. 

Contact FDI to solve your manufacturing needs for home furnishings.  FDI produces a variety of products, including:

  • vertical blind manufacturing
  • furniture backings
  • carpet under-padding
  • carpet backings
  • drapery pleating
  • lampshades

FDI nonwoven products can go into many areas of home furnishings, including laminating substrates like wall coverings and vinyl backing.  Refined carding, blending and bonding provide smooth, defect-free and consistent substrates.

Healthcare Industry Nonwoven Products

Nonwoven fabrics are the perfect fit for a variety of healthcare products.  Because they can serve as effective barriers and are a cost-effective solution for light and disposable products, FDI healthcare nonwovens are used in nurse and surgical caps, facemasks, dental bibs, hot and cold packs and disinfectant wipes.

Nonwovens in Packaging

In a global effort to reduce packaging sizes, many industries are looking to use the strength, versatility and recyclability of nonwovens.   Incorporating nonwovens into packaging can often reduce packaging weight while maintaining, or even increasing, the longevity of the packaging with tear-resistant qualities.

Packing engineers and material specifiers should engage FDI to discover the many benefits of reducing packaging sizes and volumes using nonwovens. 

Nonwovens in Air Handling

FDI uses advanced fire retardant technology to improve fiberglass-free nonwoven HVAC black facings. 

An EPA approved biocide and a water-repellant finish are a standard part of FDI’s air handling products.  Air handling system fabrication processes will benefit from the tough exterior surface that helps prevent dirt from penetrating the insulation matrix.  Air handling nonwovens can also include FDI’s specially formulated heat activated adhesives.

HVAC manufacturers look to Fiber Dynamics for a worry-free product designed to pass UL fire retardant requirements for air handling systems.

Nonwoven Acoustical Components

Nonwovens provide a lightweight and flexible alternative to other more expensive and bulky materials used in acoustical components.  FDI products can reduce noise dynamics from the trunk of the car to the interior to the engine and wheel wells.  Nonwovens assist car manufacturers in the effort to provide a virtually soundless environment for drivers. 

Acoustical components continue to be important in the home and business settings as well.  FDI nonwoven acoustical products can meet specifications from everything to appliance insulation facings to duct boards to building interior components.

FDI products provide consistent web formation, tough surfaces, and a variety of adhesive backings designed to meet manufacturer needs…whatever the specifications and end-use happen to be.

Nonwoven Hygiene and Personal Care

Disposable personal wet wipes are a part of everyday life.  People everywhere have embraced the idea of portable, time-saving, and convenient wipes and FDI offers a nonwoven solution for wipes manufacturers.

Fiber Dynamics manufactures nonwoven wipes according to client specifications with special consideration applied to characteristics that wipes need the most, including: absorption, softness, smoothness, stretchability and uniformity. 

Nonwovens for Electronics

Nonwovens are everywhere it seems, including the vast world of electronics.   Nonwoven fabrics are used in everything from batteries to circuit boards to cable wraps. 

Given the ability to engineer nonwoven fabrics to be so thin and lightweight, they allow currents to flow freely.  And, given the water resistance factor, FDI nonwovens are a perfect choice for cable wraps and electrical insulation. 

What You need to know about FDI Nonwoven Textiles.