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About Fiber Dynamics

Nonwoven Manufacturing Is Our Business

Fast, flexible, and focused on quality, Fiber Dynamics is committed to providing innovative solutions for meltblown, thermal point bond, and chembond nonwoven product needs.  Our research team works with customers to analyze product specifications to develop a solution that fits each application.

FDI offers: 

  • Chembond nonwoven products up to 114” wide
  • Thermal point-bond nonwoven products up to 104" wide
  • Meltblown products up to 98” wide
  • Weights from 0.5 ounces per square yard to 2.75 ounces per square yard
  • Conventional and unique combination of fibers
  • Rayon and polyester blends
  • Application of thermoplastic adhesives (one or both sides) up to 110” wide
  • Application of water, fuel-repellent and fire retardant finishes that meet automotive, UL and other code requirements

In order to help customers meet performance criteria, FDI also offers a variety of special services, including:

  • Die-cutting
  • Slitting
  • Perforating
  • Commission thermoplastic adhesive coating

FDI is committed to achieving the highest quality results for each project, while minimizing waste without sacrificing time.  Every solution undergoes developmental trials and rigorous testing procedures so that customers can rest assured that their nonwoven products are engineered to meet the highest expectations. 


Social Responsibility
At Fiber Dynamics, we are dedicated to performing at or above all industry health, safety and environmental laws and regulations.  We continually evaluate our business practices to determine how health, environmental and safety standards are impacted and make concerted efforts to improve.
As a company dedicated to social responsibility in our business practices, we work to reduce our overall impact on the environment by: minimizing our waste streams and emissions; efficiently using available natural resources like energy and water; and implementing on-site recycling programs.
Additionally, we strive to make a difference in the local communities where our employees live and work.  Through donations and sponsorships, we support organizations that share our goal to help make a difference like the United Way, the Boys and Girls Clubs of America and Open Door Ministries.  We use our resources to assist our local communities in the areas of health, education, culture and sports and will continue to focus on providing support to help these and other organizations be effective in achieving their goals.

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